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Insert File Name at the beginning of each Line of a Text File

Question by Mail Request | 2016-01-07 at 15:16

I have to insert the file name of the text file at the beginning of each line of this file.

For this, I have activated the function "Insert" within the TextConverter and under "Insert this Text", I have specified "%File%". Additionally, I have selected the options "At the start" and "of each Line".

Unfortunately, this is not working. Can someone help me?

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There are two possible reasons why your solution is not working:

  • The name of the constant is %file%, you are using the placeholder %File% instead.
  • Have you activated the checkbox before "Constants" in order to specify that constants should be used?

If you keep those things in mind, it should work.
2016-01-07 at 15:19

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My old answer from 2016 referred to the current version of the TextConverter at that time. However, in the meantime, the program has changed a lot.

With the current version you can proceed as follows to insert the file name at the beginning of each line:

  • Activate placeholders via "Actions > Options > Placeholders" by placing the hook in front of "Placeholders".
  • Activate the action "Actions > Lines > Prepend Text".
  • Within this action, activate "According to Line Numbers" and "In all Lines".
  • Write the placeholder "%filename%" into the field "Prepend this Text to the Front".

With the placeholder %filename%, the file name with its file extension is inserted. If you do not need the file extension, you can use the placeholder %name% instead to insert the file name without its ending. If you want to insert the file name including its path, just use the placeholder %filepath%.

In the overview over all available placeholders of the TextConverter you can find a list as well as further explanations of the available placeholder.
2022-11-23 at 18:39

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