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Java: Split at point str.split(".") does not work

Question by Guest | 2013-09-24 at 22:14

I have a strange problem in one of my Java programs, which has already cost me hours of time. I'm trying to separate a string at a character, so the classic explode function or exactly the split function in Java.

While this code works perfectly

String str = "1;2;3";
String[] sarr = str.split(";");

inexplicably, the function gives up when using a point as a separator:

String str = "1.2.3";
String[] sarr = str.split(".");

What can I do? Unfortunately, I have to split my string at a dot and I feel bad with a solution with replacing the point with another character that is working before splitting.

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The split function in Java expects a regular expression (regex) as a parameter. Therefore, your "." is interpreted as a regular expression and in the world of regular expressions, a point is a special character that can stand for any other character. Therefore, the separation does not work in your case.

To make it work, try it this way:

String str = "1.2.3";
String[] sarr = str.split("\\.");

With the prefix \\ you can escape the point so that it is no longer treated as a special character.
2013-09-24 at 23:32

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