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jQuery: Check if an element is invisible

Question by Guest | 2018-11-27 at 08:23

Using the functions .hide(), .show(), and .toggle(), I can easily change the visibility of items with jQuery.

But how can I use jQuery or JavaScript to figure out if an element is currently visible or invisible (hidden) at the moment?

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You can use the selectors :visible and :hidden.

This can look like this, for example:

if ($('#element1').is(":visible")) {
   alert('element1 is visible');

if ($('#element2').is(":hidden")) {
   alert('element2 is invisible');

Any element that claims space within your page is considered to be visible by jQuery. Therefore, for example, elements with opacity: 0 or visibility: hidden are considered visible because they use space in the layout despite their invisibility.

The selector :visible is always the opposite of the selector :hidden. That is, an element is always either one or the other.
2018-11-27 at 18:21

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If you want to select all elements that are visible or invisible, you can use :visible and :hidden in the following ways:


The first line displays all divs that were previously invisible. The second line hides all visible spans.
2018-11-28 at 15:08

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