JavaScript and corresponding frameworks such as jQuery are nowadays an indispensable part of Internet pages. Only the functionality brought by JavaScript enables dynamic websites and Ajax.

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JavaScript: Change Page Title
How can I change the title of an HTML page with JavaScript? Is that possible? I would like to customize the existing title (title...
Question | 1 Answer
jQuery: Change the Title of an HTML Page
How can I change the page title of an HTML page with the help of jQuery, even after loading the page? Is that...
Question | 1 Answer
jQuery: Set the width of an element in percent
I would like to change the width of some elements with jQuery. The information should be provided in percent, so I would like to...
Question | 2 Answers
jQuery: Check if an element is invisible
Using the functions .hide(), .show(), and .toggle(), I can easily change the visibility of items with jQuery. But how can ...
Question | 2 Answers
jQuery: Show and hide elements
In this tutorial, I'd like to show you how to make a visible HTML element disappear or make an invisible one visible again...
Tutorial | 0 Comments
jQuery: Show a DIV - Hide other DIVs
Some time ago I have written a tutorial in which I described ...
Tutorial | 0 Comments

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Guest: I have a looping input type file. How I should implement the javascript function as an...
Tutorial | How to resize Image before Upload in Browser
Guest: Thank you. You've made my world simple. May God Bless...
Tutorial | How to resize Image before Upload in Browser
Computer Expert: And if you want to go the other way, you can simply use the function toUpperCase() instead of toLowerCase(). This makes all characters in...
Info | JavaScript: Convert String to Lowercase Letters
Guest: Hi Stefan. If I want to show progress(with animated gif) while uploading, how can I do so? Thank...
Tutorial | How to resize Image before Upload in Browser
Guest: This is an extremely helpful article! Thanks a lot! By the way, I find it useful to upload all pictures as jpg, as I can then use the...
Tutorial | How to resize Image before Upload in Browser
Guest: "Perhaps you can create an own article, explaining the difference between functions and methods."Ha he ha! That's the way you...
Tip | JavaScript: Remove last character from string

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