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jQuery: Selector for all elements having two specific classes

Question by NetLabel | 22/06/2012 at 19:37

I am looking for a jQuery selector to select all elements that have assigned two specific classes. So for example:

<span class="a b"></span> [I only need this element]
<span class="a"></span>
<span class="b"></span>

In this example, I would like to select only the element, that has both classes, "a" as well as "b" (first line). Is that possible?


Stefan Trost

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While you are using $(".a") for one class, you can simply connect the names of several classes with a dot in a row (without spaces) in order to select multiple classes:


In the same manner, you can also use this for elements with a specific ID:


This selects the element with the ID "c" and the two classes "d" and "e".

And for completeness:


This selects a DIV with the ID "c" and the classes "d" and "e", so for example this one here:

<div id="c" class="d e"></div>

If you still need more than two classes, you can write them also to the row of classes connected with a dot.
23/06/2012 at 06:46

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