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jQuery: Show and Hide multiple Elements at once

Question by Guest | 2016-09-27 at 21:11

If I want to make a single element visible or invisible using JavaScript or jQuery, I can just call one of the functions .show(), .hide() or .toggle() with the ID of the corresponding element. For example, I can write $("#abc").hide() for hiding the element with the ID "abc".

However, now I want to hide or show multiple elements altogether collectivity. I have tried to assign the same ID to each element, but this is not working (I think, an ID should be unique and not assigned more than once).

What can I do in this case? How to display or hide multiple elements at once?

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In this case, I would address the elements by their class.

Just give all elements you want to handle together the same class. That is for example:

<div class="a">DIV</div>
<p class="a">Paragraph</p>
<button class="a">Button</button>

With this, you can formulate a jQuery selector addressing all of those elements at the same time:


These lines would show, hide or toggle all elements with the class "a".
2016-09-28 at 19:13

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