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Lazarus: Set User-Agent in TFPHttpClient

Question by Guest | 24/04/2018 at 20:43

I am using the FPHttpClient to download some websites from the Internet with my Lazarus program.

Now I would like to customize the User Agent, which is used in the header of my request when retrieving a site. Is there a possibility?



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The TFPHttpClient provides the AddHeader function, which allows you to add any headers you want to your request.

AddHeader takes two parameters, the name of the header and the value. To set the user agent to Mozilla/5.0, this would be for example:

AddHeader('User-Agent', 'Mozilla/5.0');

Altogether the usage can be implemented like that:

hc := TFPHttpClient.Create(Nil);
  hc.AddHeader('User-Agent', 'Mozilla/5.0');
  html := httpclient.Get(url);

Of course, instead of Mozilla/5.0, you can also pass any other string of your desire.
25/04/2018 at 10:51

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