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May I conceal other diseases from my doctor?

Question by Guest | 2018-05-12 at 09:23

I hate to go to the doctor and most of all I'm bothered by all the questions you always get asked there.

The worst is when they give you this questionnaire there, where you should tell them about all sorts of information about yourself and your health. Do you have any other complaints? Do you have mental health problems? Are you taking any medicines?

I think the doctor does not care at all. Why can I not just consume the medicines I want? I do not really have to say that, or is there really an obligation?

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You do not give this information just because the doctor is curious! This information is necessary for your own safety.

For diagnosis and treatment to succeed, the doctor simply has to know certain things. Otherwise he can not treat you. Especially with medicines and other diseases, it is absolutely important that the doctor receives all the information.

Medications can affect each other, some medicines do not work together, the effect can be canceled, strengthened or have other unwanted side effects. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the doctor knows which medications you take otherwise, otherwise he can not prescribe properly.

The situation is similar with the other diseases. If you do not tell about certain symptoms, the doctor may come up with a completely different and wrong diagnosis and then completely bypass your problems.
2018-05-12 at 21:34

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