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May I plug several power strips into each other?

Question by Ive | 2018-05-12 at 17:36

There are very few sockets in my house, apparently the architect has been dozy. For this reason, I like to use these long multiple socket power strips to connect all my electrical appliances to the power supply system.

Recently, I had a date with a man who got panic when he saw my socket design. I stayed relaxed, I do not know it any other way. When he left, I came to think. Is there something I should consider? Should you better avoid wild power strip combinations?

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A multiple socket power strip is not designed for an infinite number of devices. Conventional power strips are designed for a maximum load of 3500 watts, which means that in total, all connected devices must not exceed this value. Remember: A single radiant heater can already have 2000 watts, so you can not connect two of them simultaneously to one power strip.

If more devices are connected to a multiple socket than allowed, the strip may overheat and there is a risk of fire. The same applies if several strips are inserted into each other. So your visitor is definitely right and maybe it's a matter of luck for you that things have gone well so far. I would definitely reconsider your use of power strips.

Tip: If the power strip is covered or hidden behind cabinets, other things or furniture, this can additionally result in heat accumulation and thereby increase the risk of fire. Therefore, you should place power strips as free and well ventilated as possible.
2018-05-13 at 17:28

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