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My Android Phone Internet Signal Bar is showing H Sign instead of E Sign and my Balance is also deducting now

Question by Guest | 2014-03-07 at 11:02

Actually I had a 2G Internet recharge on my mobile and it always shows E sign above the signal bar and i always use this 2G connection without any balance deduction but this time i had done the same 2G internet recharge on my number but now its showing H sign instead of E sign and my balance is also deducting whenever i try to access the internet.

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You have only paid for 2G and it is making extra costs if you are using the 3G network?

Perhaps, up to now it was only 2G available in your area so that your phone could only connect to 2G.

You should deactivate the 3G network in your phone settings to prevent those extra costs.

On my Android Smartphone, you can do this via the menu Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks. Here you should select something like "GSM only" or "2G only".
2014-03-07 at 15:15

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