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PHP: Negative Numbers and ctype_digit

Question by Compi | 2016-06-07 at 21:09

In one of my PHP scripts, I get some data from an HTML form and before processing the input, I would like to check whether there is really an integer number submitted.

Up to now, I have used the PHP function ctype_digit() for that. This is working quite well as long as the number or digit is positive. However, now I would also like to allow negative numbers and ctype_digit() always returns false for them.

What can I do to validate both, positive and negative numbers?

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Using ctype_digit(), you can only test whether the passed string is consisting of digits (0-9). The function does not check whether the string is holding a valid integer number that can possibly be negative.

However, you can use this regular expression and preg_match() for your purpose:

$teststr = "-1";

if (preg_match("/^-?[1-9][0-9]*$/", $teststr)) {
  echo 'String is a positive or negative number.';

This if statement with this regular expression ensures:

  • that there can be a minus sign at the beginning of the string, but that must not be one
  • that the number must start with a digit from 1 to 9, a 0 at the beginning is not allowed
  • that this starting number can be followed by an arbitrary number of other digits from 0 to 9, but must not

So, with this code, you can identify negative as well as positive numbers of an arbitrary length.
2016-06-08 at 20:12

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