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PHP switch/case: Condition with multiple Values

Question by PC Control | 2015-02-10 at 21:53

I would like to program a SWITCH statement using PHP in which several values should lead to the same condition.

Up to now, I have tried the following variations:

// VARIANT 1 - not working
switch($v) {
  case 0, 1, 2: echo 'A'; break;
  case 3:       echo 'B'; break;

// VARIANT 2 - not working
switch($v) {
  case 0 || 1 || 2: echo 'A'; break;
  case 3:           echo 'B'; break;

The first way is resulting in an error message, the second way always leads to executing condition "A" and I do not know why.

Of course, one solution to solve the problem is to just copy of the whole first three cases, but I think, this is not very elegant.

Is there any simpler solution or is something like this not provided in PHP?

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PHP provides something for that.

You can just implement your plan in the following way:

switch($v) {
  case 0: 
  case 1: 
  case 2:   echo 'A'; break;
  case 3:   echo 'B'; break;

After one CASE is met, PHP is going on until there is a BREAK. You can use this behavior here with writing several CASES after each other.
2015-02-11 at 13:56

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