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Replace multi-line Texts in Text Files

Question by Guest | 2022-11-22 at 19:15

In all text editors I know, the "search and replace" function can unfortunately only be used with a single line of text, since the associated text field only consists of one line and therefore no line breaks can be entered.

However, I need a program with which I can also replace over multiple lines. That means I am looking for a program that provides a multi-line field for the search text and the replacement. Is there anything like that available?

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The program TextConverter offers this option. You can replace texts with several lines with the TextConverter in texts as well as in individual or multiple text files at the same time. You can find the corresponding function on the right under "Actions > Text > Replace".

In addition to simple multi-line texts, you can optionally also use the replacement function with multi-line regular expressions. In addition, the TextConverter also offers some other specific replacement functions for text files, such as replacing only in certain lines, replacing only in certain cells of a CSV file or replacing within an XML structure.
2022-11-22 at 22:22

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