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Replace Text in multiple Files simultaneously

Question by Guest | 2022-11-21 at 11:42

I am often confronted with the task of having to replace a text in several text files. Unfortunately, conventional text editors usually only enable to edit a single file at the same time. If I have to edit a lot of text files, it can take a long time and it is very cumbersome because I have to open each file individually.

Does anyone know a tool or program with which I can easily carry out replacements in any number of text files at once? That would make my work much easier!

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With the TextConverter you can edit any number of text files at the same time and you can also replace texts within these text files.

The Text Converter processes all files that are in the file list within the program. To add files or entire folders with files, you can simply drag them onto the TextConverter or you can open them in the TextConverter directly.

You can then on the right side select the actions with which the files are to be edited. You can find simple replacements under "Actions > Text > Replace". Here you can also define multiple concurrent replacements or replacements with the help of regular expressions.

Apart from that, in addition to its many other actions, you can also use the TextConverter to only replace in certain lines or to apply replacements within a CSV structure or XML structure.
2022-11-21 at 17:53

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