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South Park: Why is there always snow in South Park?

Question by Guest | 2013-04-15 at 18:58

Actually, in all episodes of South Park, which I have seen so far, it's winter and there is snow on the ground.

Has this a specific background, is the series playing only in winter or is the town of South Park located somewhere in the mountains where it is cold anytime?

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South Park is located high up in the mountains (Rocky Mountains) of Colorado, USA. In some scenes, you can see the mountains in the background.

Due to the climate, there is more snow than anywhere else, but not always. Likewise, there are also some (but not many) South Park episodes playing in summer.

Other reasons may be that it looks nicer and it is better to draw. Also the characters and their clothes (hat, gloves, etc) are fitting better to the winter. Or could you imagine Cartman in the summer without his hat?
2013-04-15 at 20:51

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You said you couldn't imagine Cartman without a hat in the summer. How about seeing Cartman wearing no shirt in the summer. LOL I think there was a sceen that he had no shirt on and I laughed my butt off!!!
2021-07-27 at 20:47

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Once, I heard the rumor that the illustrators wanted to avoid drawing hands (because they are not good in drawing hands or because hands are not fitting to the figures) and so, there decision was for winter.

But also other series actually never change their setting and South Park is theoretically always playing at the same time and not really sustained (think about how many times Kenny died), that can also be a reason.
2013-04-16 at 02:41

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South Park always has snow because they can’t animate it well.
2018-06-13 at 16:01

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