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Star Trek and Star Wars - What exactly is the difference?
My boyfriend is a big fan of Star Trek or Star Wars (I don't know). Recently, I had to see a film with him - that was the...
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Man with Lollipop - Identification of the film
Please help to identify the cut of the film. In the mouth of men of Chupa Chups with the motor....
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When will the next Oscars be awarded?
In this info, I would like to announce the date or appointment for the next Academy Awards - better known as the presentation...
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How many Oscars can a film get at the maximum?
The films Ben Hur, Titanic and Lord of the Rings III each got 11 Oscars at the Academy Awards and thus are the ...
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When were the first Oscars awarded?
The first Oscar awards presentation (Acadamy Awards) took place on 16 May, 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles....
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How many Oscars are awarded in total?
How many Oscars will there actually be awared at the Oscar award ceremonies (Academy Awards) altogether? Is there an...
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Guest: The only thing Star Trek and Star Wars have in common is that both are US-American science fiction formats, both having a huge fan...
Question | Star Trek and Star Wars - What exactly is the difference?
Series Junkie: Oh that's hard. No idea. Where is this video coming from? Have you filmed your...
Question | Man with Lollipop - Identification of the film
Series Junkie: Altogether there are currently 24 different Oscars, which are awarded at the Academy Awards. You can find them in this ...
Question | How many Oscars are awarded in total?
Technokrat: Do not worry, the DVD should be playable in your DVD player without any problems. However, officially, there are only the region...
Question | DVD with Region Code 0 playable in DVD player without problems?
Technokrat: Unfortunately, I have never heard about a so called "Den Make Set Top Box". So, I cannot answer you your questions. But I think, you...
Question | Set Top Box and TV Connection
Series Junkie: Actually, you cannot believe in all the things you can see on TV. I have seen a test where some people tried to let a car explode like it...
Question | TV vs. Reality: Are cars really exploding as fast as it is known from movies and television?

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