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Terms and Conditions: What are negative data?

Question by Franko | 2012-10-05 at 15:54

In a contract (Terms of Service) I've read that I will allow the firm in question to pass so-called negative data to related partner companies.

But what is meant by the term "negative data"? Can I sign something like that safely?

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In principle, negative data is all data about actions by customers, which the company does not like, such as data about an illiquidity, an unwillingness to pay, a breach of contract or other similar events.

In other words: For example, if you do not pay, if you pay late, if you disturb other customers, if you overwork a flat rate or if you do something like that, the company concerned will share this information in order to warn his partner companies.

So, if you're doing those things and if you still want to get in a contract with related companies, you should not sign such a contract.
2012-10-07 at 16:34

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