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What are infantry, cavalry and artillery?

Question by Guest | 2016-10-06 at 19:57

In my school book for history, they are permanently talking about infantry, cavalry and artillery.

However, I only know that this has something to do with war, soldiers and military but nothing about the real meaning of those terms. Can someone give me a brief explanation of what this means?

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Infantry and cavalry are different combat troops, artillery is a weapon species.

Infantry are the foot troops - soldiers who are on foot and usually fighting with hand weapons.

Cavalry are mounted troops - soldiers who are riding on the horse and fighting from there.

Artillery does not refer to a specific combat group, artillery is a kind of weapons. Artillery are guns with a large caliber, such as cannons or rockets today.  The corresponding campaign group is called artillerymen.
2016-10-06 at 20:54

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The infantry consists of soldiers.

The artillery consists of cannons.

The cavalry consists of horsemen.
2021-03-22 at 18:51

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