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What's a Keynote?!

Question by Guest | 2013-08-28 at 22:18

Recently, I keep hearing the term "Keynote" in different contexts. For the first time, I noticed the term among Apple users, by now even at the university among normal people.

Once, a student in my course told me that he conducts a "Keynote" this day. But that what he started to do that day, was just a usual Power Point presentation.

So, can someone explain to me what the term "Keynote" is intended to mean?

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In fact, a keynote is nothing more than just a normal Power Point presentation. The term "keynote" is a word that means something like basic idea, main idea or tenor.

In the Apple world, Steve Jobs entitled his legendary presentations as "keynotes". Someday, Apple introduced a software program similar to Microsoft PowerPoint that was also named as "Keynote ".

Currently, it is apparently cool to call any presentations a keynote, so I think, probably that is why your fellow student used this term. But I also think that this temporary fad will disappear with time.
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