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Delphi/Lazarus: Function to Round Number to any Position after or before Decimal Point

Tutorial by Delphian | 2014-02-21 at 01:54

The normal Delphi or Lazarus Round Method can be used to round a float or extended value to an integer just like this:

  e: extended;
  i: integer;
  e := 12.3456;
  i := round(e);  // 12

But what can we do if we would like to specify the rounding precision or if we would like to round in the other direction? So, for example to the decade place or the thousands digit? If we would like to make a 10 from a 12, a 100 from a 123 or a 20000 from a 21345? Or if we would like to keep some of the decimal places?

For this case, we can use the following function:

function RoundEx(const AInput: extended; APlaces: integer): extended;
  k: extended;
  if APlaces = 0 then begin
    result := round(AInput);
  end else begin   
    if APlaces > 0 then begin
      k := power(10, APlaces);
      result := round(AInput * k) / k;
    end else begin
      k := power(10, (APlaces*-1));
      result := round(AInput / k) * k;

Like Rounding in PHP, the RoundEx function can take positive or negative values depending on in which direction you would like to round. Here is an example:

  e, r: extended;
  e := 123.456;
  r := RoundEx(e, 0);   // 123
  r := RoundEx(e, 1);   // 123.5
  r := RoundEx(e, 2);   // 123.46
  r := RoundEx(e, -1);  // 120
  r := RoundEx(e, -2);  // 100

The first parameter is our number, we would like to round. The second parameter is indicating the number of digits to which we would like to round.

Taking a 0 as a second parameter we get the same result as using the normal round function. With taking a positive number the function is cutting the desired number of decimal places from the number. Using a negative number, we can round to decade or thousands digit or any other higher decimal place.


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