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Why do stars twinkle?

Question | 2 Answers | in Astronomy and Space

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My teacher gave us a little trick when I was at school: You can easily read that information from your hands...

Question | Memory Hook: Which months have 31 days?

The year lasts 365 days. This is the time the seasons need to repeat themselves. These ...

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As a separator, you can use a comma or a semicolon. So, the characters , or ; with a space after them. It...

Question | Which delimiter for e-mails with multiple recipients?

The egg-shaped or in the special jargon ovoid egg, has some evolutionary advantages, so that it possibly established...

Question | Where does the shape of eggs come from?

Incidentally, there are many more "planets" like Pluto in our solar system, that we only have not discovered at the...

Question | Why is Pluto no longer a planet?