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Names of Wedding Anniversaries

Article by Princess | Last update on 2020-10-05 | Created on 2012-08-20

Every wedding day has its own term. While almost everyone knows the Gold Wedding (50 years) and the Silver Wedding (25 years) and maybe the Diamond Wedding after 75 years of marriage in this respect, most people are not aware, that there are also many names for other wedding anniversaries. Therefore, in this article I would like to collect and uncover the known and unknown names of wedding anniversaries.

The names of some anniversaries differ regionally or they appear in a different order. In such cases I have simply written several alternatives behind the corresponding wedding day.

Tip: Since the list is quite long, it may help to use "CTRL + F" in your browser. This starts the search function and you can search for a specific name.

MarriageWhite or Green Wedding
¼Lemon Wedding
½Dream Wedding
¾Beer Wedding
1Paper or Cotton Wedding
2Cotton Wedding, Paper Wedding or Leather Wedding
3Leather Wedding, Wheat Wedding, Fir Wedding, Fruit Wedding, Friendship
4Silk Wedding, Wine Wedding, Wax Wedding, Amber Wedding, Linen Wedding
5Wooden Wedding, Bull Wedding, Sedulity Wedding (with children), Violet Wedding, Bullock Wedding, Rubber Wedding (without children)
6Pewter Wedding, Sugar Wedding, Iron Wedding, Cyprus Wedding, Ox Wedding
6 ¼Mutton Wedding, Pewter Wedding
7Copper Wedding, Brass Wedding, Woolen Wedding, Friendship
8Plate Wedding, Poppy Wedding, Bronze Wedding, Nickel Wedding, Salt Wedding, Earthenware Wedding
9Ceramic Wedding, Glass Wedding, Crystal Wedding, Porcelain Wedding, Water Wedding, Willow Wedding
10Rose Wedding, Glass Wedding, Tin Wedding
11Carnival Wedding, Coral Wedding, Steel Wedding
12Nickel Wedding, Earth Wedding, Linen Wedding, Silk Wedding, Silk and Fine Linen Wedding
12 ½Parsley Wedding, Bronze Wedding, Medium Wedding, Copper Wedding
13Violet Wedding, Lace Wedding, Salt Wedding, Lily of the Valley Wedding
14Ivory Wedding, Agate Wedding, Lead Wedding
15Crystal Wedding, Glass Wedding, Bottles Wedding, Rag Wedding
16Sapphire Wedding
17Orchid Wedding, Soup Wedding, Rose Wedding
17 ½Flitter Wedding
18Turquoise Wedding
19Pearl Wedding
20China Wedding, Oorcelain Wedding, Dorn Wedding, Chrysanthemum Wedding
21Opal Wedding, Beech Wedding
22Bronze Wedding, Tourmaline Wedding
23Titanium Wedding, Beryl Wedding
24Satin Wedding
25Silver Wedding
26Jade Wedding, Oak Wedding
27Mahogany Wedding, Worm Wedding, Jute Wedding
28Cloves Wedding
29Velvet Wedding, Ebony Wedding
30Beads Wedding, Pearl Wedding
31Linde Wedding, Basane Wedding
32Soap Wedding, Lapis Wedding
33Tin Wedding, Wedding Porophyr
33 ½Garlic Wedding
34Amber Wedding
35Linen Wedding, Linne Wedding, Jade Wedding, Coral Wedding
36Emerald Wedding, Wedding moon, muslin Wedding
37Malachite Wedding
37 ½Aluminum Wedding
38Fire Wedding
39Sun Wedding, Crepe Wedding
40Ruby Wedding, Granatene Wedding
41Birch Wedding
42Garnet Wedding, Pearl Wedding
43Lead Wedding, Flannel Wedding
44Star Wedding, Topaz Wedding
45Brass Wedding, Tourmaline Wedding, Sapphire Wedding
46Lavender Wedding, Marble Wedding
47Kashmiri Wedding, Sapphire Wedding
48Tiara Wedding, Amethyst Wedding
49Zederne Wedding, Uranus Wedding
50Golden Wedding
51Willow Wedding
52Topaz Wedding
53Uranium Wedding
54Zeus Wedding
55Turquoise Wedding, Venus Wedding, Emerald Wedding
56Aster Wedding
57Jade Wedding
58Angel Wedding
59Tidal Wedding
60Diamond Wedding, Golden Wedding, Iron Wedding
61Elm Wedding
62Aquamarine Wedding
63Mercury Wedding
64Sky Wedding
65Iron Wedding
66Chives Wedding
67Stone Wedding
67 ½Stone Wedding
70Grace Wedding, Platinum Wedding
72 ½Jewel Wedding
75Diamond Wedding, Jewel Wedding, Alabaster Wedding, Radium Wedding
80Oak Wedding
85Angel Wedding, Wine Wedding
90Marble Wedding, Stone Wedding
100Sky Wedding

If you still come up with other names that I have not included in the wedding anniversary list, just write a comment or a message to me. Gladly, I add more days to the list. If you write an info or an article for one of the listed wedding day and its meaning, you can also write to me. Again, I will gladly link the appropriate day to your article.


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