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10 powerful and helping Tips regarding the Yo-Yo-Effect

Tip by Collin McNeil | Last update on 2022-12-27 | Created on 2013-06-19

Everyone knows this effect or even has personally experienced it: the feared yo-yo effect after dieting! If you have just managed to take off a few pounds or you have come a step closer to your dream appearance, you have got the kilos back on your ribs.

In this article, I would therefore like to give you 10 tips on hand, how you can avoid the yo-yo effect in future to finally be able to maintain your dream body in long term.

  1. Understanding the Yo-Yo Effect. Initially, we should be aware of what the yo-yo effect actually is and what mechanisms take effect when it comes to the yo-yo effect. Therefore, I have written this info showing the answer to this question.
  2. No starvation or radical diets. Fast and radical diets or complete abandonment are bringing the body into a fatal emergency mode. The body quickly adapts to the low energy that is available and therefore, the body will keep even more fat reserves after the diet than before to be prepared for the next emergency phase. Therefore, you should never bring your body in such an emergency.
  3. Slower is better. Fast diets also lead to a fast increase of weight again. Therefore: do not loose more weight than one pound per week and do not reduce your daily calorie intake by more than 500 calories. Rather slowly decrease as rapidly increase.
  4. Build instead of degrade muscle mass. Muscles are burning energy. Even during periods of rest. However, radical diets without exercise are eating up these muscle mass - this will consume less energy and more energy is saved what reinforces the yo-yo effect immensely. Therefore: build muscles by doing sports rather than reduce muscles through inaction. Then you can even eat more than before - without gaining weight.
  5. Enjoy food, don't demonize it. Eating can be something very nice. Enjoy it - even during the wane. Eat slowly and deliberately, not in between sitting on the couch. This raises your awareness of the correct and healthy amount and is preventing some snacks that you later regret.
  6. Change your nutrition in long term. Better than any waiver is a proper nutrition. Eat regularly, several meals a day. Eat healthy food and adequate, but do not overeat. In addition, you should drink plenty much, preferably water.
  7. No total abandonment. Do not stay away completely from what you love. Otherwise, the weight loss gets a negative connotation for you and you can not be happy about it because you think all the time that you have to miss something. Therefore: If you like chocolate, eat chocolate. But must it be the whole bar? Enjoy the chocolate from time to time, piece by piece, and reward yourself for your successes with it.
  8. Exercise and nutrition is more important than dieting. You should always keep in mind: it is better to waive from diet than from sport. Better than observing a strict diet, it is to be physically active and to eat healthy. With this, the pound are sheeting alone in the long term, without hassle. 
  9. Sport helps us in two ways. An important component in losing weight should be the sport, which is helping us in two ways: while doing sports, we automatically are burning calories and thereby we are losing weight. A goof idea are sports such as cycling, swimming and jogging. But even outside the sports phases we benefit: Sport is giving us muscles that are consuming energy also in the rest phases and even making us looking better. Little sports units can also be integrated into everyday life: for example, when taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
  10. Persevere and think in long term. Now, you just have to show perseverance and think on a long term basis. Do not expect your dream body in three days. Slim rather slowly, make your diet in a longer period of time and start to exercise regularly. This is the only way to get happy in the long run and to keep and improve your weight. Begin to enjoy your new sense of life.

If you still have questions, feel free to use the comment function. I'm happy to help you or to complement my tips.


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