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Facebook Tricks: Which of my friends is using Bang with Friends or an arbitrary other Facebook-App?

Info by NetGuy | 11.05.2013 at 16:52

Who does not want to know which Facebook Apps are in use by friends or even the own partner? Facebook makes it possible to retrieve this information quickly and easily.

We only need this link and the ID of the App

The only think, we need, is the ID of the App and the following link:


Simply replace the ID from this link behind app_id= with the ID of the App you are searching for.

Where do I get the ID from?

You can simply get the ID from the Facebook page of the App or the corresponding company. After browsing to the page of the App, you can see the ID in the link visible in your browser (URL). The ID can be found behind "app_id" or "client_id". Simply copy this number from the link and add it to the link shown above to see the apps of your friends.

By the way, the ID in the example above belongs to the the Facebook App "Bang with Friends". Who does not want to know which friends from the own friends list is using this App? It is said that this app is accountable for the end of lots of relationships...

PS: If you should know some IDs from other interesting or embarrassing Apps, feel free to post them.


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