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Delphi/Lazarus: Store and Save MemoryStream in FileStream

Info by Delphian | 2013-07-29 at 14:28

In this small example, I would like to show you, how you are able to store a MemoryStream into a FileStream in order to save it thereafter.

This code can be used both in Delphi and Lazarus and looks like:

  fs: TFileStream;

  // ms is a given TMemoryStream 

  fs := TFileStream.Create('C:\test.txt', fmCreate);


     if ms.Size>0 then begin
       fs.CopyFrom(ms, ms.Size);



In this code, "ms" is our MemoryStream we would like to save. With fs.CopyFrom(ms, ms.Size) we can copy the MemoryStream in its full length into the FileStream "fs". Here, it is important, to ensure before, that that position of "ms" stands on 0. So, we set this position by using ms.Position:=0 to 0 before copying. Otherwise, the stream cannot be read from the beginning.

Lazarus and umlauts/Unicode characters in file names

When using this example with Lazarus and there may occur umlauts or other Unicode characters in the name of the file (here "C:\test.txt"), you should simply replace TFileStream with TFileStreamUTF8 at both positions (declaration and create). When not doing so, and error can occur there.


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