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Google Tips: Exclude specific websites from search

Info by NetLabel | 2014-01-13 at 21:28

I think everyone has made this experience. You would like to search the web for a specific search term and no matter why, Google only shows hits from that site, from which you do not want to have any results.

Fortunately, Google is providing the possibility to exclude search results from a defined page:

word1 word2 -site:example.com

With this search, we are searching for the search term "word1 word2" and we are excluding all hits from "example.com".

If you would like to exclude several websites, you can simply write their names behind each other:

word1 word2 -site:example.com -site:example.org

Again, we are searching for "word1 word2" but this time, we are excluding both sites "example.com" and "example.org" from the results.

Note: When omitting the minus sign and when only writing "site:example.com", we are only searching for hits from this website.


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