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Are social media secure?
I like to use Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites and have recently talked with my best friend about what Facebook...
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YouTube shows error "Incorrect certificate for host"
When trying to open YouTube, I get the following error: Incorrect certificate for host. The error message is: The serve...
Question | 1 Answer
I can not see a webpage, Google can
I can hardly believe it: There is a forum on the Internet, to which I have no access from my browser. Nevertheless, Google seems...
Question | 1 Answer
Hidden Google Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs are hidden features in programs that are not officially mentioned in the description. Even our popular search engine...
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Google Easter Eggs do not work
You wanted to try a Google Easter Egg and nothing...
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Facebook: How to delete a reaction from your post/block certain reaction?
Friends knowing I am against lgbt are reacting to my posts with the new rainbow reaction. How can I delete those reactions? How...
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Guest: If you block the person, others can still see that same person, you were the one that blocked the one who liked your post, so the person...
Question | Facebook: Delete like from someone else on my photo?
Workaholic: Law is one thing, but reality can often deviate from that. I would not rely on any laws. There are more than enough examples that...
Question | Are social media secure?
Marry: Of course they are safe! It's best to publicize your secrets directly in public, why secrets with private messages? Do not...
Question | Are social media secure?
Sledge: It's probably not a problem of YouTube, it's a problem of your browser. Please read ...
Question | YouTube shows error "Incorrect certificate for host"
Stefan Trost: No fear, that is no witchcraft. If you visit a website with your browser, your browser will send some information. Among other things, it...
Question | I can not see a webpage, Google can
Progger99: It is also interesting to search for "number of horns on a unicorn" or...
Info | Hidden Google Easter Eggs

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