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Why is my Facebook always disabled?

I don't understand why my facebook was disabled again to again. And I don't think I broke Facebook community rules because I didn't do...

Open Question | 3 Answers

Are social media secure?

I like to use Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites and have recently talked with my best friend about what Facebook and Instagram are...

Open Question | 2 Answers

YouTube shows error "Incorrect certificate for host"

When trying to open YouTube, I get the following error: Incorrect certificate for host. The error message is: The server presented a certificate that...

Question | 1 Answer

I can not see a webpage, Google can

I can hardly believe it: There is a forum on the Internet, to which I have no access from my browser. Nevertheless, Google seems to be able to visit...

Question | 1 Answer

Hidden Google Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are hidden features in programs that are not officially mentioned in the description. Even our popular search engine Google has to offer...

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Google Easter Eggs do not work

You wanted to try a Google Easter Egg and nothing happened? That can have different reasons. Of course, it's possible that Google has removed...

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Guest: ...then it still remains the problem that Windows 10 deletes the received file for security...

Tip | How to send E-Mails with EXE Attachment

SmartUser: Another alternative: Upload the file to a one-click hoster like Rapidshare and Co. This is usually quite quick and...

Tip | How to send E-Mails with EXE Attachment

NetLabel: In general, you can use each mail provider you want. As Gmail is very common, I think, you will not have disadvantages with using it (provided your...

Question | Why is my Facebook always disabled?

Chloe: Thanks for your kind feedback. It's very helpful for me with your answers. Will you use Gmail to register new facebook? Or is there no...

Question | Why is my Facebook always disabled?

Guest: Unfortunately that will be hard. As far as I know it is not possible to block reactions of a certain type, you can only block on user basis. And...

Question | Facebook: How to delete a reaction from your post/block certain reaction?

NetLabel: Maybe you are using an email address that is banned by Facebook. Perhaps the address as such, perhaps the whole domain of your address. Or you have...

Question | Why is my Facebook always disabled?

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