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How old grow frogs? A balance of death.

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Depending on the breed, frogs can grow proud 10 to 20 years old. However, this occurs very rarely in nature, because when we deal with this question, we come inevitably to the balance of the death of frogs:


30 to 70 percent of the frogs will never become frogs. So many already die as spawn. The reasons are varied: the eggs can be infertile, lakes and ponds can dry out, many animals see the eggs as a welcom source of food, the eggs are infected by fungi or dogs or small children take them out of the pond. Thus, most frogs do not survive even the first stage.

Tadpole to Young Frog

In the stage between tadpole and young frog, it does not look better. Tadpoles have countless natural enemies and can not defend themselves because of their size. And also in this stage, ponds and lakes are drying out, especially because days are becoming warmer with time. Only about 30 percent make it into the frog's life.

Young Frog to Adult Frog

Frogs reach sexual maturity after 2 to 3 years. Only 25 to 50 percent of young frogs are able to reach this age. All others get under the wheels, are eaten or die of hunger, because they can not find a living environment.

Adult Frogs

Also the adult frogs are living dangerously. 50 percent comes to spawn only once, 25 percent make it twice, only the rest can do it for several times. Of course, also the dangers listed above remain for the adult frogs.


Of course all of this is highly dependent on external circumstances, so that we can generalize poorly. Certainly the circumstances in the garden pont are different from them in the woods, on the land they differ from the city and so on. However, we can say that of 10,000 eggs only just one frog survives in average. If one assumes that a female frog lays only 20,000 eggs in her life, this is not very much.


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