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Why is "weeding" with gas burners allowed?
I think it is one of the worst, most perfidious and at the same time easiest to avoid environmental pollution of private...
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How much CO2 does a tree filter out of the air?
I have no idea of how much CO2 is actually absorbed or filtered out by a normal tree out of the air. Can anyone here giv...
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Why is the ocean salty?
I wonder, why there is salt water in oceans, but freshwater is flowing through rivers, ditches and lakes on the mainland. Is the...
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How old grow frogs? A balance of death.
Depending on the breed, frogs can grow proud 10 to 20 years old. However, this occurs very rarely in nature, because when we deal...
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Little Tree: I once read, that a normal beech tree in 80 years accommodates about one ton of carbon dioxide. Of course, the beech tree takes up less, if...
Question | How much CO2 does a tree filter out of the air?
For Nature: You can not really generalize the answer to this question, because it depends on many factors, how much CO2 a tree binds. Among other...
Question | How much CO2 does a tree filter out of the air?
Translated Content: To answer this question, we have to look at the water cycle in detail. Let's start here with the clouds and the rain. The rain on the...
Question | Why is the ocean salty?

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Why is the ocean salty?
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