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Access FTP Server with Browser using Username and Password

Question by Chematik | 19/08/2013 at 11:52

I have access to an FTP server that is protected with a username and a password. Usually, I am using the application FileZilla to log on this server.

Now, I wonder, if it is not possible to access the FTP server using a normal web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, so that I do not always have to explicitly start FileZilla if I only want to download a file.

It is no problem for me to access an unprotected FTP server through the browser to display and download files. But how do I enter my password and my name on a protected server? Is it possible at all?


Stefan Trost

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This is not a problem at all. Even using a normal browser, you can easily login with a username and a password on an FTP server. Just enter the following line into the address bar of your browser:


Behind "ftp://" you should write your username and your password separated by a colon, then you have to enter an "@" and the name of your domain or address of your server and you can already display the files on your FTP server. That is all.
19/08/2013 at 23:57

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