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Adding Names to Files with empty Name

Question by Mail Request | 2024-03-04 at 21:53

I encountered a problem in renaming a file with an empty name and a non-empty extension. I need to make the name not empty. Neither "add" nor "insert text at the beginning" nor "search and replace" by regular expression ^$ does anything with the file name. No changes occur.

But the regular expression filter ^$ works quite correctly.

I can't understand - either I'm doing something wrong or there's a bug in the program. I would appreciate your help.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. In the old program version you have used, it was indeed only possible to do that going one of the following two ways: Either you could use the mask function or you could disable the option "Treat file name and file extension independent from each other" from the settings. With this it is possible to treat the whole file name (name and extension) as one piece and you could use functions like "insert" or "append to the front" for empty file names also.

However, because of your message, I have changed the FileRenamer so that you can now use all functions you have expected without changing the settings.

Now it is possible to either

  • use the mask like before,
  • to search for ^$ as a regular expression and replace it with anything,
  • to use the insert function in order to insert any text at position 1
  • or to use the append functions in both directions.

All of these ways will now fill your empty file names using the current program version of the File Renamer. Of course, with all of these functions, you can use any text or character as well as placeholders or text sources like usual.

Is it working for you now?
2024-03-04 at 23:40

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