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Can DVB-C Tuners receive DVB-T Signals?

Question by Guest | 2017-01-29 at 18:29

Can DVB-C tuner receive DVB-T signals? I have a digital TV with a DVB-C Tuner and was wondering if it can receive DVB-T Signals. Currently in Kenya.

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A usual DVB-C tuner is build to receive its input from cables (C is standing for cable), while a DVB-T signal is coming over the air (T means terrestrial) - here you can read about the difference between DVB-T and DVB-C.

So, a DVB-C tuner does not need an antenna for receiving its signal, while a DVB-T tuner needs one. In general, if it is not a special device for receiving both signals, each kind of device will only be able to receive its type of signal and it should not be possible to user DVB-C tuners for receiving DVB-T signals.
2017-01-29 at 19:40

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