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Signal on T-Mobile: H and H+ useless while 3G worked fine

Question by Guest | 2014-04-06 at 21:51

Recently I read a topic about what the signals mean, such as 3G E H H+ etc. And saying how H and H+ is better than 3G well, can anyone explain this to me then, up till recently my network provided me with 3G which i used for internet sharing for things like HD streaming, downloads and flawless lag free xbox live, now my provider has given me H+ which in short is useless.

Before it would average on an hour to download 1gb so should take me 4 hours to have downloaded a 4gb file, upon trying to download it i was still patiently waiting 33 hours later I have since also lost all ability to connect to xbox live and play online with this H+ when it worked fine on my 3G anyone know why this is? Or even how to force my phone back to using 3G? 

People tell me its my area but its worked fine for 6/7 months so unless something has majorly shifted in that time without me knowing, it cant be that, for reference i have a Nokia Lumia 520 on UK-TMobile

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Very strange thing. When people say that it is because of your area, have you tried it in another area, too? An whats are the results there?

Another thing is, I would recommend to use Wifi instead of the mobile Internet connection when downloading such big files. Wireless LAN would be much faster and you do not have to care about your slow Internet connection any more.
2014-04-06 at 22:52

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Have you had a look into the connection settings of your phone?

Usually there are possibilities to set whether the phone should use only 2G, only 3G or both, for example. Perhaps this can help.

And in your place, I would go to a local shop of your provider in order to ask there if there are problems with the network.

If they recently have extended the connection in your area from 3G to H/H+ it could be that the work is still not finished or they have made a mistake and they will repair it. Another reason to get in contact with your provider.
2014-04-07 at 04:09

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