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Can I mix different engine oils?

Question by Guest | 2012-08-10 at 23:50

Slowly but surely I have to refill the oil in my car. However, I do not know which engine oil is currently filled in (which has made ​​the car service station).

Thus, in principle, can it be a problem if diverse types of oil are mixed when refilling?

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In principle, if you follow the manufacturer's instructions for the oil, the mixing is not a problem. You should find this instructions, for example, in the manual of the car. But keep in mind: If you fill something wrong, it can quickly lead to an engine damage.

Important: You should not mix engine oils for different engine designs. That is, for instance, that you should never use oil designed for a petrol engine in a diesel (and vice versa). Also oils for 2-stroke engines (for example, for lawn mowers or motor scooters) should never be used for 4-stroke engines.

However, motor oils designed for the same engine design, can be mixed in principle. This also includes the mixing of mineral oils and synthetic oils designed for the same type of engine. You only have to ensure, that the quality standards for the oil specified by the manufacturer are met. Here you should never use a oil with a lower quality than the manufacturer has claimed. However, oils of a higher quality than specified may be used.

If you do not fully have knowledge about that and you are unsure or do not know where to find the information required, you should definitely ask you car dealer or your garage before. This is definitely cheaper than a new engine.
2012-08-11 at 15:13

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