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Deep wet spots and puddles of water: Dangerous for car and engine?

Question by Mopsi99 | 2013-05-26 at 20:52

In our town, there is an underpass that often converges with water after heavy rain. Furthermore, I often encounter large puddles of water when driving with my car.

According to my observation, other drivers do not really care about this, they just merrily drive trough the middle of such lakes. I have also done so for some time, but always with a queasy feeling.

Therefore, my question today: Can such behavior not be dangerous for the car or the engine, can this not result in an engine or motor failure? Or am I unnecessarily worried about that and there can nothing happen?

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Also if others are making mistakes, you should not do the same. Especially, if it is not possible to estimate how deep a puddle of water or a flooded tunnel actually is, you should never play with the risk to drive through the water unless you have a specially equipped amphibious car.

Normal cars have an intake port below the engine through which the motor gets its air. In many cars, this port is located at the level of the lower edge of the bumper.

So, if you drive too deep into a puddle, the engine sucks water instead of air into the gearbox! In most cases, after that, there is no chance to save the motor so it gets really expensive! So, I recommend, not to try that risk and rather take a detour than driving through a flooded street!
2013-05-26 at 23:52

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