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Tips to drink more water

Tip by Forever Young | 2011-11-21 at 14:47

Today, many people do not drink enough water. Though, water is very important for us and we should be aware, that our bodies are made mostly of water. Therefore, it is no wonder that water is important for almost all of our body functions. It starts with our brain and nerve transmission and ends with the flushing out of  pollutants from our body, which is only possible with sufficient water. Not for nothing, old, confused people get to drink a glass of water as the first, and almost always their mind gets clear again with this.

Many are also aware that they are drinking not enough water and would even like to change that. But what can you do and how can you change that? I have put together some tips on this topic for you.

First tip: Have water with you

Those, who have no water with them, can also not drink. When you go to sports, you sense thirst and no water is there, your body has to live with the lack of water and get used to it, which is bad, of course. Because your body needs ther water anyway.

Ideal is now, if you always have water with you. At food on the table, next to you while working at the desk, always in sight and in sports anyway. First, you will always be reminded of the water, and secondly, you can always drink if you feel thirsty, and in long term, you get used to a balanced intake.

Second tip: Learn to listen to you

Which already brings us to the second important point: You have to start listening to you, feel your body and learn to understand the needs of your body. Many people feel no thirst, and get therefore not even the idea of drinking something. Only when you learn to feel again, when and if you are thirsty, you are also thinking off it and you are paying attention to you more. To learn this, you need a lot of time. But if you drink regularly and you are watching yourself, you should be ready sometime and you think no more to this topic.

Third tip: Do it regularly

It is nothing worth, if you tilt your 2 liters of water down in the moring and then you will drink nothing more for the whole day, especially since this amount of water can not be taken by your body all at once anyway! The key lies in the regularity. If you take heed of the first tip and always have water with you, it should not be a problem to drink regularly.

Fourth Tip: Drink at certain times

If you get used to drink on certain occasions, this also leads to the fact, that you are drinking more permanently, and afterwards you are no longer thinking about that you're drinking on those occasions. A good opportunity, for example, is the time immediately after getting up. Anyway, your body needs water at this time since he lost liquid in the night through sweating.

Fifth tip: Do not make your efforts to break

Certain drinks such as cola, coffee or certain kinds of tea with caffeine or theine, stimulate the kidney activity, resulting in water that is excreted. So, with this, under circumstances, you break your whole effort to drink plenty of water. Similarly, it is with alcohol.

Last tip: Think of your figure

Water makes you slim! Those who drink a lot of water, is living healthier and is experiencing a faster satiety. Who has the stomach full of water, has quickly appeased his hunger when eating and will slim down! For many, this is perhaps the most crucial motivation for a good and sufficient water intake.


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