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Delphi/Lazarus: Extract Day, Month and Year from DateTime-Format

Question by Guest | Last update on 2023-11-24 | Created on 2015-09-21

I have a date in the format TDateTime, but I need the single segments as integer variables. So, I would like to extract day, month and year from the datetime variable in order to store the values in individual integer variables.

Is there any function available for that or can someone help me how to do that?

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Delphi as well as Lazarus are coming with a function to do that. The function is called DecodeDate and it can be used in the following way:

  ADate: TDateTime;
  AYear, AMonth, ADay: word;
  ADate  := now;	
  DecodeDate(ADate, AYear, AMonth, ADay);


First of all, here, we are saving the current date in the variable ADate. However, at the same time, we have declared the variables AYear, AMonth and ADay in which our year, month and day should be written later. For that, we are calling DecodeDate and we are passing all variables to this function. Finally, we are showing the results with ShowMessage().
Last update on 2023-11-24 | Created on 2015-09-23

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AYear, AMonth, ADay: word;

(DecodeDate takes word parameters)
2022-10-14 at 02:54

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I have corrected it.

Thank you very much.
2022-10-14 at 02:58

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