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Difference between Atheist and Agnostic

Question by Guest | 2018-02-22 at 19:40

What is actually the difference between atheists and agnostics? I think both terms have to do with believing in the existence of God. I am not sure though.

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The atheist says that there is no god.

The agnostic says that he does not know if there is a god.
2018-02-23 at 17:57

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The atheist is convinced that there is no god. Under no circumstances. In principle, therefore, the atheist is the opposite of the believing man.

The agnostic, on the other hand, thinks that ultimately it can not be proven whether or not there really is a God existing. Accordingly, the question of the existence of God can not be clarified at all. The agnostic view is, above all, a philosophical discussion that admits that you simply can not know and prove everything.

Even among believers who join the rituals of their religion, there may be some agnostics. True to the motto: "I do not really know if there is God, but I do not do anything wrong, if I believe anyway".
2018-02-24 at 15:19

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