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Difference between Egoist, Egocentric and Egomaniac

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How do egoists differ from egocentrics or egomaniacs? And what about egoism, egocentrism and egomania?

Can one somehow separate these ego-terms from each other and give explanations for them or is it indeed all the same?

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Egoism, egocentrism (egocentricity) and egomania are the words for the corresponding characteristics or psychological properties.

As an egoist, ego-centrist and egomaniac you designate the persons with the respective character or property.

Egoist and Egoism

The word "egoism" means selfishness. An egoist tries to enforce his own advantage without regard to others.

Egocentric and Egocentrism

An ego-centrist places himself and his own person at the center of the world and sees himself as the only possible reference point. The word comes from Latin (ego = me and centrum = center).

An ego-centrist has an exaggerated self-centeredness and is constantly comparing himself to other people. The ego-centrist can hardly stand it when other people get attention or focus instead of themselves.

Egomaniac and Egomania

Egomania is sometimes also called ego-addiction. This refers to a pathologically exaggerated self-esteem that can sometimes occur as part of a personality disorder or a bipolar manic-depressive disorder. The word comes from Latin (ego = me) and Greek (μανία manía = frenzy).

The Difference

In addition to the aspects mentioned in the specific sections, the difference between these terms mainly lies in the extremity of the expression: from a more or less harmless egoist to a serious psychological disorder - even if the transitions can of course be fluid.
Last update on 2023-11-30 | Created on 2018-01-23

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