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Do you like Chinese food?

Question by Kamila | Last update on 2019-09-27 | Created on 2019-09-27

Hi guys, do you like Chinese food? How many Chinese cuisine you have tried? I think most of you guys hear din sim before. I have once but the flavor is different from China. I think it may has a little modification. By the way, Chinese hot pot is really good.

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Yes, I've also made that observation. In Western countries, the Chinese restaurants often do not make the traditional Chinese food. Instead, they cook something that they think Western citizens would prefer most. It seems to be sometimes like a mixture of original Chinese food and Western food.

I'm going regularly to Chinese restaurants and I prefer Chinese buffets. Then you have the choice to take and try from all different kinds of food and you do not have to set on one dish only.

However, I have never heard about that "din sim" what you are talking about. Can you tell us what that is?
2019-09-27 at 12:09

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I just found out I mispelled it. It's dim sum. There are various kind of steam food, some are meat like pork or shrimp, some are vegetable, some are like the little cup cake or desert. We called them dim sum. When we have dim sum, we drink tea.

I can't describe it well. You should google it. That's what we eat for breakfast.

2019-10-12 at 10:35

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Sounding interesting. I will try it when I find some restaurant offering that food.

You are coming from China? And where are you living at the moment? Are you eating Dim Sum in China or somewhere else?
2019-10-12 at 17:23

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