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Does the Filelist Creator have Command Line Options?

Question by Guest | 2019-02-28 at 12:18

The FilelistCreator recognizes a passed folder name as a command line option.

Are there other command line options?

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Not yet.

UPDATE 2023: With the new CL Version of the FilelistCreator it is now possible to control the FilelistCreator via command line options. For example like this:

FilelistCreator.exe -cl C:\Folder cols=name,size save=C:\List.xlsx

...in order to create a list of all files from the folder "C:\Folder" with the columns  "Name" and "Size" and save it as "C:\List.xlsx". I present all other parameters and functions of the CL version in the tutorial “Script Control of the Filelist Creator”.

OLD ANSWER from 2019: However, I have already thought about creating a corresponding version. You could possibly pass a settings file as well as paths to files and/or folders and the program would then create the file list from this.

What parameters did you have in mind? Defining a separate parameter for each of the many options would be a bit complicated and unwieldy.
2019-02-28 at 13:53

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I thought of two options: specifying a settings file and specifying the folder whose files should be listed.
2019-03-03 at 07:57

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And that too is also possible now. To provide the settings via settings files, you can simply pass the settings file to the program:

FilelistCreator.exe -cl C:\dir C:\set.fls save=list.csv

With this call, a list of the files from the folder "C:\dir" is created according to the settings from the settings file "C:\set.fls" and saved as "list.csv".
2023-09-23 at 19:13

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