Filelist Creator

With the Filelist Creator, you can create lists of your files and folders. You can choose from a variety of export formats (XLSX, ODS, CSV, text file, HTML web page, image, printout) and possible columns (from general file information over checksums to audio or video file properties).

You get the Filelist Creator in a version for Windows, Linux or MacOS on the page There you will also find many more information and screenshots of the program.

In this portal you will find all topics and tutorials about the FilelistCreator. You are also welcome to ask your own questions about the tool here.

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add column
I need view the column version, but this is not appear in the program, appear name, format, type but version ...
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Opening files
Is there a way of opening files in the filelist once created e.g. as a .xls file. I am sure one used to be able to do...
Open Question | 1 Answer
How to set Filelist Creator to Monitor a folder
This is mentioned in the Features but there is no explanation as to how setup it up. Can you explain how to setup to Monitor a...
Open Question | 1 Answer
Program freezes/stalls -- too much data?
I have a very larger folder with over 50,000 files.  Sometimes I can upload it, but it stall when I try to displa...
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Can it be exported to a collapsible HTML file?
I want to list a MP3 directories and to have it exported to HTML which should have + sign for the directories to display the...
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Targa image information is not displayed correctly
The width and height of images in TGA (Targa) format are shown as 0. I read png converted to tga in Photoshop, but th...
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New Answers and Comments

Stefan Trost: What do you mean with...
Question | add column
Stefan Trost: What you can do is: Right click on the file list and click on "Export File List". You get a file with the extension .filelist containing...
Question | Opening files
Stefan Trost: This option is only available in the old version for windows. You can download this version on the download page of the ...
Question | How to set Filelist Creator to Monitor a folder
Stefan Trost: It depends. There is no hard limit set in the program. But the limit is the memory of your computer and whether you are using the 32...
Question | Program freezes/stalls -- too much data?
Stefan Trost: In the current version of the Filelist Creator, it is possible to create HTML lists...
Question | Can it be exported to a collapsible HTML file?
Stefan Trost: Targa Images are not yet supported by the program. That is why the Filelist Creator is showing "0" instead of a width or height. You...
Question | Targa image information is not displayed correctly

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