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Engine Oil: Changing from Multi Grade to Single Grade Oil

Question by Guest | 2015-07-26 at 02:05

I live in a very hot climate never gets cold. I have a 2 mega cat genset, oem recommends 15w40 can I mix sae50 when topping? Or should I flush all the 15w40 and use the Sae50? What this change cause any damages?

Please advise.

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Have you read my answer in the question about mixing engine oils? You can find some advice about this subject there.

So, the most important think is that your oil meets the requirements of the manufacturer (this is 15w40 in your case). If this is okay, you can mix different oils without any problems. If not, you should not use the oil at all.
2015-07-26 at 13:43

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