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German Public Transport: What is SEV?

Question by Lori | 2018-02-01 at 23:32

At the central station there is a stop on which "SEV" is written. No number, no timetable, no information, no explanation. Only the abbreviation "SEV". Maybe I just assume that this may have something to do with buses or trains.

Can someone explain to me what exactly "SEV" should mean in regards to a bus or a train? And when is the next departure?

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SEV is the abbreviation for the German word "Schienenersatzverkehr". In English, this means "rail replacement". The rail replacement service is always used when the train fails or is canceled and instead a bus is used as a replacement.

For example, if there is a railway closure, buses are often used instead of the train on the railway line. And these buses then leave at the SEV stop.

The next departure will probably be when there is some construction work on your track again or the train fails for some other reason for a long time.
2018-02-02 at 12:25

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