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Where can I buy SEV bus tickets in Germany?

Question by Guest | 2019-05-26 at 21:28

I'm travelling to Germany next week and I want to buy the train and bus tickets in advance. I need to get from Augsburg to Meitingen (on saturday 1.6.) and there is only train to Gablingen and then SEV bus to Meitingen. However, in the Deutsch Bahn app it's only available to buy the train ticket, not the bus one. Where and how can I buy it then?

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An SEV bus is a bus that replaces a train, for example, if the railway is under construction and the train cannot drive its normal route. The SEV bus is taking the same route as the train, it is bringing you from station to station.

In other words, the SEV bus is used as a "train" and so, you do not need a bus ticket for it but your train ticket. So, just order your train ticket to Meitingen (your desired end station) and if they want to see your ticket in the bus, just show your train ticket. They will accept it.
2019-05-27 at 13:38

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