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Herniated Disc without Back Pain

Question by Guest | 2018-03-10 at 23:22

My doctor diagnosed a Spinal Disc Herniation, but I have no back pain at all. Is that possible? Can you have a herniated disc without hurting your back? As far as I know, a herniated disc is acted out at the backbone spine. However, for me, only the legs hurt.

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The intervertebral discs (spinal discs) are located as a buffer between the individual vertebrae. During a herniated disc, one of the discs slips out of their natural position and pushes in the worst case more or less on the nerves.

Thus, it is quite typical that you can only detect a herniated disc in the catchment area of the affected nerves. These are typically the extremities (arms and legs). If you have your herniated disc, for example, in the lower lumbar area, the disc can squeeze the sciatic nerve, which emerges from the spinal canal and leads down into the legs. Accordingly, you feel the pain then in this case in your leg.

The diagnosis "Spinal Disc Herniation" of your doctor can be quite correct. If you are unsure, you can also do an MRI. This clearly determines a herniated disc.
2018-03-11 at 09:37

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