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How long does a Herniated Disc last?

Question by Morbiddy | 2018-03-08 at 17:33

I recently had a severe spinal disc herniation, this morning the findings were confirmed by an MRI: L5/S1.

It is unbearable! This pain! Sitting does not work anymore, only walking minimal distances are possible before the leg gets shaky again and hurts more and more!

My question: When will that finally be better again? How long do I have to live with the crap and how long does a herniated disc usually last until you are well again? I can hardly stand it anymore!

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The acute phase of the spinal disc herniation usually lasts between 4 and 6 weeks.

However, each course or progress of the disease is different, it can take 1 week to 2 years to get rid of all the pain.

In particular, this depends on how severe the incident is and at which point or how the disc pushes against your nerves. As soon as the intervertebral disc has shrinked down and does not press any more, you are rid of the pain. If it only presses slightly at the end, because it has already been broken down for the most part, you will still feel slight pain in the leg (slight burning, sore muscles or similar).

The reduction and the associated pain freedom lasts accordingly longer, the further the intervertebral disc is out and the closer the incident is to the nerves.
2018-03-08 at 23:23

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