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High Background Data usage of Google Play Services

Question by Guest | 2013-11-04 at 14:45

Problem I am facing is.. Google PlayServices is using lot more than the foreground Data. Background Data usage is double. Are the Data on phone secure? Is this common?

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Some friends of mine also had this problem. The high amount of background data is mostly caused by updates and update checks Google Play Services is initializing. So, I think this problem is not affecting your data security. So, I have heard about some updates downloading again and again and failing every time, so that it is downloaded for another time and causing so much data.

If you do not want to make Google Play Services these things, you should disable automated updates or the whole background data transfer. For example, open the Google Play Store and open the menu there. Then, go to "Settings > Auto Update Apps" and make your decision.

For example, you can use the App "Disable Service" from the Play Store to get more access to the background processes of your phone.

If you do not want to install such an app, you can simply use the option "Restrict Background Data" in the Data Usage View of any app.
2013-11-04 at 15:40

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Perhaps you can also try "Settings > Backup & Reset and turn off "Back Up My Data" there. I do not know whether this could be the reason, but you can have a try.
2013-11-04 at 15:49

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