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How to politely ask your friends leave some privacy for you?

Question by Chloe | 2019-09-27 at 05:03

Hi guys, it's been bothering me a long time. I have a best friends when I was a little kids. We grow up together and share a lots of happy memory. But one thing I don't like is that she always pry into on my privacy even the details of my sex life. What can I do to tell her about this and won't hurt her feeling. Thank you.

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First you have to understand why they are asking that questions. They grew up together with you and probably they know about each situation you had in your life. Because of that, they got that feeling that you are part of their lives, that there are no borders and no privacy.

Each person is different. Some persons have no problem to talk about that private stuff, others don't want to. That's okay.

I see, the situation is quite difficult. you don't want to lose your friends, but you want to have your own privacy, I can understand that.

You can do two things now. Either you just tell your friends that you do not want to talk about that private issues directly, or you go the baby step way and reduce private topics more and more over time.

If your friends are of the direct type and they also saying all what they disturb directly, I would go the first way. Otherwise, if they are shy or quickly hurt, I would go to the indirect way.
2019-09-27 at 09:48

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