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How to pronounce Lovoo correctly

Question by Guest | 2018-03-14 at 20:14

I've been on Lovoo for a while now and I still do not know how to say "Lovoo" correctly.

As far as I know, Lovoo is actually a German company from Dresden, which would speak for the fact that one speaks Lovoo also in a German way. I've always done that so far.

However, I recently had a date and I can loose the feeling that just the fac that I have pronounced Lovoo in a wrong way in her eyes, ruined the chance of another meeting...

So, dear people, once and for all: What is the right pronounced name?

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Officially, the operators call their flirt app "lawuu", which can be heard for example in the promotional videos of Lovoo. It should probably be based on the English word "love".

I have often heard this pronunciation when people talked about Lovoo. But I also hear the Germanized "lowo" just as often.

PS: And if a woman gives you the brush-off for such a reason, she was not the right one anyway.
2018-03-15 at 09:49

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